Insulators Local No. 96 would like to acknowledge and thank all of our Retirees who worked many years for us and are now currently retired as a Heat & Frost Insulator.

Steven S. Caines
Jack R. Campbell
Robert G. Collum
Grady T. Deen
Nicholas R. Detrino
Kem D. Dugger
Coleman E. Fluet
Felishia Finch
Mark E. Griffin
Michael A. Gutzwller
Robert H. Helmey
Avery H. Hendrix
Charles G. Lewis
Bernard L. McDaniel
Jerry L. Mitchell
James R. Moore
Kermit A. Patrick
Roydon W. Patrick
Pelli John
Leonard H Pickett
Charles M. Reagin
Willmer L. Ring
Ralph W. Sayre
Charles D. Scott
David Sheley
George W. Thomas
Jerry W. Todd
Austin K. Whidden
James R. Woodcock