Membership News

Insulator Local No.96 would like to acknowledge all of our Active Journeyman who have put their time in as Apprentices and have decided to continue with us as a carrier in the Heat & Frost Insulator Industry.

Chris T. Anderson                                 Brexton D. Joffers
Dawn C. Anderson                               Jennifer E. Jankins
James D. Anderson                             Andy L. Lewis 
Jeremy R. Atkinson                              Michael T. Lotson
Franklin C. Beasley                               Mark T. Morgan
Scott B. Brown                                      Charles E. Moseley
Walter J. Butler                                     Eric D. Murray 
Walter J. Butler Jr.                               James E. Partain
James R. Caines                                  Thomas W. Patrick 
Robert K. Caine                                     Antwan L. Small
Colen A. Campbell                               George E. Smith
Timothy W. Campbell                          William A. Snipes
William H. Campbell                            Thomas W. Spell
Robbie P. Clemente                             Christopher A. Spiecher
Richard D. Coleman                             Barry Watson     
Floyd B. Collins                                     Glynn M. Watson
Kerry B. Collins                                     Tyres E. Watson
Ralph L. Dawson                                  William J. Willett
Kurt R. Deloach
Wilford S.Douberley
Matthew J. Drake
Vincent P.Drescher
Bobby O. Duggar
Micheal L. Duggar
Jason B. Fall
Kim K. Fall
George Fluet
Robert G. Greene
Thomas D. Hagan
Aubrey C. Hendrix
Jerry C. Hendrix
Randall D. Hendrix
Robert D. Hodges
Calvin T. Howell
Daniel M. Hunnicutt
Jason T. Hunnicutt
Howard W. Hutcheson
Daniel C. Hutson